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AT Pennsylvania Section Backpacking Trip October 2017

Pennsylvania holds the fourth longest portion of the AT - 229.6 miles -
after Virginia with 550.3, Tennessee with 287.9 and Maine with 281.4.  A few Trailwalkers (Colin, David, and Donald) set off to complete a short section of the Trail in October. They started at Eckville Shelter and finished in Lehigh County.

  1. Gear is looking good!
    Gear is looking good!
  2. Getting ready
    Getting ready
  3. This is how you cook!
    This is how you cook!
  4. Trail Magic!!
    Trail Magic!!
  5. Who has the best tent?
    Who has the best tent?
  6. The Top Thruhiker Pack! The Granite Gear Crown 2!
    The Top Thruhiker Pack! The Granite Gear Crown 2!
  7. He went just for this picture
    He went just for this picture
  8. What a view!
    What a view!

Trans American Trail July 2017

The Trans America Trail or TAT is a roughly 5,000-mile (8,000 km) cross continent vehicular route, intended to be a way to cross the United States using a minimum of paved roads for leisure, traveled by dual-sport motorcycles, off-road vehicle, or touring bicycle. Jimmy and Doug of Trailwalker Gear tackled it July 2017 and went from Franklin, NC to Moab, UT covering roughly 3200 miles.

TAT Video

Torreya State Park Camping Trip November 2017

High bluffs overlooking the Apalachicola River make Torreya one of
Florida's most scenic places. The park is named for an extremely rare
species of Torreya tree that only grows on the bluffs along the
Apalachicola River. Torreya is popular for camping, hiking and picnicking. Forests of hardwood trees provide the finest display of fall color found in Florida.

  1. Title 1
    Title 1